Brit Rock Queen ╬

Hey, hey, heeeey.
Now, you're gonna listen to me.

Look at the stage
The lights on me
I've got the micro
that makes me feel...

I wanna shine. I wanna sing.
I wanna be a Brit Rock Queen.

I've got the power
The crowd's with me
I've got my tambourine
that makes me feel...

The groupie's life is just for me.
I'm gonna be a Brit Rock Queen.

I know, I know, Im not from here
But in your chords my soul sleeps.
Don't kick me out, please let me be...

I wanna be part of the elite.
My favourite stars, I wanna meet.
And all the fans, singing with me.
Someday I'll be a Brit Rock Queen.

Mara Romanessi.

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