Newspaper? who wants to read a newspaper? It only talks about reality.

Estoy enamorada de mí.
El problema es que soy la única.

You Know You’re Obsessed With Noel Gallagher When…

  1. You’ve created a blog dedicated just for him. :)
  2. You’ve written lyrics, poems, songs, stories, quotes and more about him.
  3. You search up his name on Google Images, and try to find photos of him that you’ve never seen before.
  4. Your computer is filled with over 1,000 photos of him.
  5. You’ve bought Oasis concert tickets for the right side of the stage, which is his side of the stage. (JAJAJAJA ME ACUERDO CORRIENDO TODO RIVER SOLO PARA IR DE SU LADO ♥)
  6. You were mad at Liam for a while when Oasis broke up.
  7. You dream about him more than any other Oasis member.
  8. You have made a campaign t-shirt of him for when he does become prime minister…eventually someday.
  9. You agree with almost everything he says, if not everything.
  10. You have thought before about performing on stage with him.
  11. You constantly wish you could meet him someday even though you know it’s pretty hopeless since the band have “split.”
  12. You’ve asked yourself “What would Noel do?” when you were in a bad situation.
  13. You’ve prayed for him.
  14. You’ve bought clothes that are similar to his style.
  15. You were obsessing about that green jacket he had for a couple of days.
  16. You love this man’s lyrics so much that people wouldn’t be surprised if you were talking in his lyrics.
  17. You sometimes use terms he’s said on Tales from the Middle of Nowhere, and in countless interviews.
  18. You bring up the Sex Turkey inside joke anytime you can.
  19. You’ve taken up the guitar because of him.
  20. You’ve went to the salon and showed the hairdresser photos of him to get that same exact haircut.
  21. You’ve thought about getting him tattooed on your body.
  22. You’ve named things after him.
  23. You’re planning to name your child after him.
  24. Pretty much everyone around you knows who you’re talking about when you mention the name “Noel.”
  25. You post Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace statuses about him that no one ever cares about.
  26. You are extremely happy when Christmas comes, because it is the holiday that shares the same name as him in French. (viva Papá Noel loco)
  27. You are amused that people sing Christmas songs that contain his name.
  28. Everytime overhear his name being mentioned by someone, you crack up to yourself and think about him.
  29. You sort of know where he exactly lives (sadly)…
  30. You feel like you’ve watched almost every interview of him known to man.
  31. You quote him endlessly in your mind.
  32. You plan about moving somewhere near his house someday.
  33. You’ve thought about being neighbors with him.
  34. You’ve thought about and somewhat have planned what you will exactly say to him when you meet him.
  35. You wanted to kill Daniel Sullivan when he pushed Noel on stage.
  36. You’ve lost a friend, because they said something offending about him that really hurt you (sad one I know). (no perder, pero pelear -.-)